Meet the Chief

Hi! My name is Tiffanie. I am an Active Duty Army Warrant Officer and the workhorse behind Totally Warranted. On our site and social media you will get to know me as Chief D. At the time this is being written I have 16 years of Active Federal Service under my belt. 

I transitioned into the Warrant Officer life during a very turbulent time in many people's lives, at the height of COVID-19. Facing a stop move order, and a plethora of red tape my class forged a journey through the Warrant Officer Candidate School that was truly one of a kind.

I have always been creative, and maybe a little bit extra. When I committed to the transition, I fully embraced the Warrant Officer lifestyle. I went on the hunt for Warrant Officer gear to showcase my status and represent my cohort proudly. As you probably know, Warrant Officer apparel isn’t the easiest thing on the market to find neither are warrant officer gifts that weren’t large wooden items. Although there is nothing wrong with large wooden gifts, sometimes you need something just a little bit smaller and a little more personal to you.

Totally Warranted is my passion to get after 3 very important things in my life to date. Helping candidates prepare for WOCS so they complete the program successfully, networking with my WOmies, and finding swag items for myself or to give as gifts. Consider Totally Warranted a lifestyle brand, our merchandise will range from promotion cards to throw blankets, and coffee mugs, to bling shirts and everything in between.

Stick with us as we produce content to help you grow and succeed from your first days at WOCS to your last days in uniform and beyond. We are all at different points in our journey, we will try to reach you where you are with content relative to where you want to be.

I hope you stick around and take this journey with us.

-Chief D


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