You Teach What You Need

Chief! It’s been a while and I have to say I miss writing for you! Today we will be doing something a little different but trust me it will come around. This post wasn’t in the schedule of upcoming posts but it was something that needed to be shared so it got a front-of-the-line pass.

Today I was listening to one of my many Podcasts. Listening to podcasts is one of the things that has really gotten me to focus my time and energy, I usually listen while I’m in the car so it’s a bit of self-development in the midst of chaos. Anyway as I was listening something said really struck me. The host Lorie Harder said, “you teach what you need the most”. 🤯 This whole statement gave me pause. I even paused the episode to think about you my Totally Warranted Womies and frankly, they are right….

Let me explain. You see, if you were ever wondering why we have motivation Mondays, and Thursday mental health check-ins? Why I continuously work to pull you up and hopefully help you to see that how you feel, or what you're feeling is valid and of importance…. Why although I might be feeling tired and a little grumpy while withering away in the field I still try to focus on the positive outcomes and bring smiles where I can. Well, simply put, I have needed to hear, and feel these things myself. Not in the distant past, not when I was a private or even a Sergeant First Class. For the most part, these are things I legitimately look to hear, NOW in the present.

I too need to know that how I feel isn’t wrong, to know that I am appreciated even if it isn’t verbally acknowledged at the moment, and to know that what I do matters and is truly making a difference. Luckily, I get some amazing reminders of these things in the most unlikely interactions. I know I am valued when a Soldier I used to train in Basic sends me a message, to ask for help making a hard personal life decision, I know I am valued when a “My Drill Sergeant This” meme pops up and I’m tagged in it by my old trainees. I know that I am valued when my peer calls me to ask a silly question because they trust I will not judge. I know the value I hold when Soldiers in my unit feel safe enough to come to me and talk about something they feel is difficult or ask for advice when they don’t think they’re being treated right.

WOMIES….I am truly honored to be able to hold these positions for these different groups. But so you know…. You help me to feel valued when you read my Blogs, my social media posts, comment on how you feel, and when we get to hold a real and meaningful conversation. I appreciate you all and truly hope you are enjoying the experience. So to all of your who follow Totally Warranted, who know Chief D in real life, or who are getting to know me on the internet, know that I appreciate you all and am here if you ever need someone to talk to.


👀 For the record I had some pretty nice GiFS ready to go but you tech will be tech and I dont have an internal S6/G6 at 10:30pm 😅 Oh well, the show must go on!




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