What to expect after Selection


    You've filled in the resume, collected the letters of recommendation, done your physical, submitted your packet to the board and waited patiently. Today is the day the list is published. There’s a crushing weight on your shoulders in anticipation. Then it happens! The list goes live and your name is right there, clear as day "Qualified-Select". OMG! You made it!!! Now what?!



    The anxiety of the selection process is over. You’ve finally gotten the email you’ve been waiting for telling you you’ve made the cut! You’ve been selected as a Warrant Officer Candidate. Now that this weight is off of your shoulders, another heavier one appears. That my friend is the fear of what’s next. Just that fast your life has changed and the future that was set 10 minutes ago is no more. Luckily for you, you are not alone. There are a whole list of people who are going through and have been through the same transition. I remember feeling exactly as you do! So, grab a cup of coffee and let me give you some tips on what you can expect now that you’ve been selected.

So the list is out and your name is on it, you can now expect a variation of these 4 things to occur.

Congratulatory emails. 

You can expect emails from the likes of branch, proponent, senior warrants in your field and possibly your chain of command. It is reasonable to respond to direct emails but not necessary to "reply all" to the many group messages you will receive. Make sure you are checking your email carefully for the “what’s next” from your career manager. 

A brief with your Career Manager. 

For me personally this started with a mass email to all of those selected (this was great because I could then see the names of the potential people I would be entering this phase of my life with. Gives you the opportunity to connect early with them.) In this email we received some follow on information, possible dates when we would be attending school based on the timeframe they are currently scheduling out and a document to fill out with our new “Dream Sheet” or list of the top 10 locations you’d like to be stationed to start your new journey. (Now your dream sheet isn’t a guarantee but it gives your Career Manager an idea of what you would like.) This was followed on with direct one on one communication with our career managers about our individual circumstances and timelines.

Emails confirming your dates for school attendance. 

This wont come immediately. Honestly they take a while, it’s like you get selected and congratulated and then everything goes back to normal in your life and you’re awaiting information of this new leg of the race. This is normal! About 90 days after selection is when dates start getting pushed out. Once your school dates are confirmed and you get your class number information you will be routed to the MilConnect page for WOCC students. There you can link with your class or those scheduled to start the same time as you. You can begin to get to know each other and start the process of bonding prior to getting information from your TAC.

Official Class E-mail

Closer to your start date you will get your first official TAC email introducing your TAC team. At this point it’s time to get your head together and get into the thick of it! Follow your packing lists, and instructions carefully. Ask questions if you have them and read the FAQs. Your TAC officer will be there to assist you but it is better to research and discuss with your class prior to sending the TAC 60 of the same messages. There will be decision points that need to be made prior to even stepping foot into 1st WOCC. The journey starts here.

Just like that your class date will be here before you know it! Now that we know what the formalities are likely to be we can get focused. Join me next time as we discuss the top 10 pieces of advice to help you prepare for Warrant Officer Candidate School. 


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