The Docs of WOCS

You made it through the gauntlet and now it’s time to sign your papers and fade into the sunset. Well before you sign on the dotted line, let’s talk about the documents you can expect to receive when graduating WOCS. (Some documents may be different for Guard and Reserve Warrant Officers.)

WOCS Completion Cert- This is the certificate that tells you, you’ve completed the course of instruction. It will be prominently placed in your graduation folder. It will be dated with your graduation date.

Appointment Memo- This memo formally appoints you as a Reserve Warrant Officer of the Army. If you were not currently aware, the WO1 position in the Active Army is a Reserve template. That is why all MTOE positions in the Active Army start as CW2 positions. Although you will show up as a Reserve Soldier on the record, you are called to active duty for your orders and thus there are no gaps in service. Remember, your appointment as a Warrant Officer is contingent on you completing your MOS basic course within the allocated time frame. This document will be dated and effective as of your graduation date.

Statement of Understanding- when signing your documents and submitting your information sheets for your DD 214 you signed your statement of understanding. This form acknowledges that you understand your appointment (via the memo mentioned above) will be a concurrent active duty assignment, it is contingent upon completion of your MOS basic course within 2 years of appointment (unless you’ve been pre-certified by your MOS proponent), and that if you fail to complete your basic course you may be discharged using the current regulations in effect at that time.

Oath of Office (DA 71)- This is your money maker. This form which is dated as of your graduation date and signed by you and the current WOCS Commander state that you have sworn your oath of office on this day and thus are officially a Warrant Officer. The actual Oath of Office takes place during your graduation ceremony.

Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD 214)- That's right, you have to be released from Active duty to serve your first two years as a Warrant Officer in a Reserve status. There is no break in service as the terms are served concurrently. Your DD214 will cover your entire service record to this point, capturing everything from military schools to awards and deployments. This form will also be filed in the state of your choice based on what you selected in your Information Sheet.

There you have it. The most important documents you can expect to sign during your time at WOCS. You will also have a form that discusses your ADSO. Typically this is a 6-year period that starts upon completion of your Warrant Officer Basic Course.

If you are just joining us, make sure you go back to the beginning and check out our blog on 10 ways to prepare for WOCS. Next, we will be going into our post WOCS advice with our blog “I’ve graduated WOCS now what?” which will be released next week.


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