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Photo of a computer desk with computer on, writing pad and pens. Representative of the items you will need to start, work through and finish your Warrant Officer Packet.

So you finally did it! You finally decided to go all in on your future, and you're ready to submit your request! Perfect. Now I bet you're wondering where to start. It's simple; let's start with the packet.

It's great to find a Warrant Officer to help you through the journey, but the first thing I do when I come across a potential candidate is ask them this question. "Where are you at with your packet?". The answer to the question tells me a thing or two about how serious this person is in the process and how self-motivated they will be to complete it.

So let's get you off to a great start by making a first impression and getting your packet started. Today we will talk about the requirements for your packet, where to find the documents, plus any applicable timelines associated with them. Here we go!

Please note all links that take you to a .pdf document are updated as of 5/29/2023. If you are reviewing this blog after that, it would be best to verify you have the most up-to-date forms by going to the Recruiting page here


Content Hub

The first website you absolutely want to know on your packet journey is the Army Recruiting Website. It has everything you'll need to know in order to get this packet complete. That website is linked here.

For the purpose of this blog, I will approach this packet as an Army, Active Duty, Noncommissioned Officer. Please note that packet requirements will be different if you are not currently in service if you are National Guard or Reserve, and if you are coming from another branch of service.

Additionally, the requirements we will be going over are general requirements, not MOS-specific ones. Please check the link here to go through the WOMOS you are looking into and make sure you meet all requirements.


Application Checklist 


As silly as it sounds, this checklist is going to be the single most useful page in your packet. It will keep you on track and ensure all items you are required to submit are there and in order. This page will be signed by the SR Warrant Officer, who is recommending you as well as your S1 Tech. They will verify all of your documents are present and good to go before they sign it. Once they sign it, you should be ready to submit your packet. Information about packet submission requirements and email addresses can be found here.


Application for Appointment

Your application for appointment is a DA form 61. This is a 4-page form that requests an appointment from your current status to a Warrant Officer. The document covers some basic information about you, like the Warrant Officer MOS you'd like to apply for, your educational background, and your personal data.

It also goes over your time in service for each component, any awards you may have, and your commander's endorsement. The DA form 61 is used for applying as a Warrant Officer for OCS and for declaring certain specialties like nursing and Law. You can find the example form here.


Letter of Recommendation


Let's clear something up right now. Having ten letters of recommendation doesn't sway the board. Your letters of recommendation should be focused on QUALITY, not quantity, and completed on the USAREC form 3.3.

Depending on the WOMOS you have selected to apply for, you will need three letters, one from your direct commander, one from your Battalion Commander, and one from the Senior Warrant Officer in the MOS your applying for.

In certain WOMOSs, there is a recommendation for a junior WO letter. 420A is an example of a WOMOS which requests this letter; you can see the 420A requirements here. 


Warrant Officer Resume

The resume is completed on the USAREC form 3.2. This form is the most heart-wrenching of the requirements, as there isn't a publicized way to complete it. That is, the example doesn't show you an example of the narrative you need to write or how to annotate the education and assignments you've been through. In addition, this form is so long that I will be doing an entirely separate blog on getting your resume together.


Service Record Brief

As of the date of publishing this document, packets are requested to have the old eMILPO SRB, which is stored in your iPERMS, to validate your packet. You can log in to iPERMS with your CAC and pull the information.


Security Verification Review

Your Security Manager signs this document in the S2 and will confirm the existence of an active clearance. The form is a fillable pdf and doesn't need to be reformatted into a memorandum. Instead, you can use the one provided on the site here.


Results of Medical Examination


The USAREC form 3.1 is used to determine your medical eligibility. This document summarizes the entire exam and does not include any HIPPA information. An example of the form is here.


Application for Active Duty

The Application for Active Duty or DA Form 60 is filled out to request placement on Active Duty. As you may know, the rank WO1 is a Reserve Rank. Therefore, a newly appointed WO1 is legally a Reserve Officer, and the DA 60 requests their assignment to active duty.

Once a WO1 is promoted to CW2 after their 2-year probationary period, they become fully Active duty and can be found in the Active Duty inventory of personnel.

This is why all Active Duty Warrant Officer positions start at CW2. There are no WO1 MTOE positions in the Active Army. The application example can be found here.


Statement of Understanding

The statement of understanding is a document that is signed to express agreement and understanding of the obligations and requirements that go along with your selection. The form can be found here. This form does not require edits and simply needs to be read, understood, and signed.



The above forms are the most common forms for the application and usually meet the needs of the majority of applicants. The following documents are only required if you specifically meet the requirements for having to submit them; these forms include the height and weight verification form and exceptions or waivers of the current policies. 

The timeline for processing waivers can be found here. If you need to process a waiver, make sure you submit your packet as early as possible to give your waivers/ETPs appropriate time to process and clear your packet for the board. Your packet will be pushed to the next board if your waivers are not back in time for the board.


Conditional Forms


DA 5500/5501- As needed, based on your height and weight on the screening table.

Tattoo Waiver- For WO APplicants not in compliance with 670-1 and Army Directive 2022-09.

Age ETP- For Aviator applicants over 32 and Technician applicants over 45.

AFS ETP- For Aviator applicants with more than eight years AFS or Technician applicants with more than 12 years AFS on the date of the DA 61 signature.  

ETS Waiver- For all Applicants with less than 12 months remaining in service at the time of the application.

Prerequisite Waiver- For all applicants not meeting the complete prerequisites for the WOMOS they are applying for.

Conduct Waiver- Required when the final findings of a court or another adjudicating body is a conviction or other adverse adjudication.

ACFT ETP- must go through the current chain of command with General Officer endorsement to the Army Deputy Chief of Staff G3/5/7 for approval. The packet can be submitted after it is approved.

Reapplication ETP- This document is used only when a new DA 61 is submitted within 12 months of the last.

Medical Waiver: If a commissioning physical recommends it or when PULHES has a two or higher denoting restriction in accordance with the regulation.


As if all of these forms weren't stressful enough, many people mess them up and require their packets to be sent back to them for correction USAREC has created a document that goes over the most common mistakes on the documents within your packet.

You can find the most common mistakes documented here. Make sure you scrub your documents using this information. It will save you a lot of heartache. 

We will follow this blog up with another one going through the resume. So make sure you join our email list to get that information as soon as it's released.




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