ORB Updates: The post WOBC review.

If you are like me, then post WOBC your ORB will look like… Well, it will look like you haven’t done much in your military career. You will stop, look, and gasp thinking “Oh, this has to be a mistake!”. Well, we could say partially it is. All of your Enlisted data will still reflect in your eMILPO SRB but your AIM ORB the document that is used in hand with your Resume to depict who you are to potential new units and leaders, well that one will need some work.

So today we will discuss what you can expect to have to get updated, what will be needed for the updates, and how to make it happen.

This information is current prior to IPPS-A cutover. Once IPPS-A goes live we will update this document with any relevant additional information.

So first and foremost to make this happen you want to schedule an appointment with the person in your S1 responsible for records updates. Depending on the type of unit this is, it could be anyone in the S1 so don’t automatically assume you need an officer to help you. I typically use these kinds of updates as a way to get to know the inbound Techs within my units or to train my Soldiers on Officer Records updates (specifically inbound Accessions),

BR Code 003A- If you see this code on your record in the PMOS section it is because you are still being reflected as an accession gain and not a WOBC graduate. This can be rectified by providing your S1 with a copy of your WOBC completion documents. Or sending them to your career manager for update.

Overseas Tour Data- This data can be pushed from one system to the other so it should only take your S1 to go in and re-push the data.

Service Dates- BASD, DOR, ADSO- Check these dates, and check them twice!!! DOR or Date of Rank should be the date you completed WOCS not WOBC for Active Duty. BASD or Basic Active Service Date should be the same as your original when you joined if you haven’t had a break in service. Lastly, your ADSO or Active Duty Service Obligation end date will be listed here. It should be exactly 6 years from the date you graduated Warrant Officer Basic Course. If it’s not you should get with your career manager to update this by sending them a copy of your WOBC completion documents.

Military Decorations- These can be pushed from the current system to the ORB, this can be completed at your S1. Once it has been done they will usually show up on your ORB within 72 hours.

Military Education- This data can be pushed from the current system to the ORB, this can be completed at your S1. Once it has been done they will usually show up on your ORB within 72 hours. However, all of your Military Education might not apply to who and what you are now. This might mean a few courses don't need to be moved over to your ORB. For example, Completing BLC-SLC isn’t relevant to a Warrant Officer but listing the EO course, SHART or MRT might still be beneficial. 

Civilian Education- Depending on your education level this data can be fixed right at your S1. However, if you have a Master’s Degree or Higher you will have to ensure the document is uploaded into your Iperms and then email it to your career manager to be updated on your record.

Assignment Information- This will look pretty blank for a while because the assignments you had as an Enlisted Soldier are no longer relevant to your career as a Warrant Officer.

Verify This Information- Always verify your Personal information in Section IV and the Remarks in Section X.

Doing these things as soon as you get to your first assignment while you have all the paperwork readily available will save you time and hassle later on down the line when the information is needed. Keeping your records updated is just as important as a Warrant Officer as it ever was as an Enlisted Soldier. The way the AIM market is set up, potential units can pull your ORB and Resume. So you want to make sure you are keeping your documents up to date so you don't miss out on any opportunities.

We will go into the AIM Resume on September 26th but if you haven't already looked at our breakdown of the Soldier Record Brief we previously posted. Next week we will discuss the transition to Warrant Officer Life and what they don't tell you. Be sure to sign up for our email list so you know when we publish new content.

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by Carlos Zalamea on October 23, 2022

For what’s it’s worth, I appreciate the effort placed into this page. Thank you!


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