I've graduated WOCS now what?

The final inspection is over! You’ve survived bag drag day, washed cars, painted a sign, passed tests, bonded as a team, and now finally, with Fort Rucker as your witness, you have graduated WOCS. Now what?! Great question. So after asking around a bunch of my WOMIES (Warrant Officer Homies), here are the top 5 things you should be focusing on now that you have graduated WOCS.

#5 Reach back and help someone scheduled for WOCS with tips and advice based on your experience.

-You know someone is looking for guidance, just like you were at one point. Make sure you take the time and pay it forward! Give your tips and tricks to the future Warrant Officer Candidates who are about to take the same leap that you did. Make sure that you guide them well so that we can continue to be the gatekeepers of the cohort.

#4 You did it! You have accomplished something tremendous! Enjoy the moment, decompress, and get ready for the schoolhouse environment. You have overcome the stress, anxiety, tears, and fears and now it has finally paid off. Now, you need to live in the moment and celebrate this accomplishment. Once you’ve celebrated the win, strap your boots back up and get ready for more work! Prep yourself for the next phase of your journey. WOBC isn’t for the faint of heart. 

#3 Maintain your Physical Readiness

Leaving WOCS you likely feel you are in the best shape of your life. One piece of advice, stay that way! Continue to PT, continue to improve. The training hasn’t stopped; you'll continue to be tested in WOBC. Remember, If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready.

#2 Regulations are key; study them well.

Now that WOCS is complete, we are moving into the more technical form of study for our MOS. Make sure you are taking the time to brush up on your regulations, carry what you must along, and be ready to prove you are there for a reason.

#1 Remain flexible and be prepared to learn from everyone.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing this already, but again, you need to remain flexible. Things change quickly; just because you expect something to happen a certain way doesn’t mean it will. Stay focused and be prepared to pivot in a new direction should the need arise.

Now that you have graduated from WOCS, you are a Warrant Officer. Although many of us will return to the place we left as an NCO to clear, but you are not returning as the same person. Make sure you carry yourself in a manner that respects the cohort and honors the legacy you now represent!


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